Employment Consultant

The MCS Advantage

MCS Consultancy is a preferred talent acquisition partner to leading Indian businesses. This combined with our role as trusted consultants for Indian professionals translates into our core capability – Building Careers. Building Organisations.


We have Industry domain expertise. Deep specialization helps build stronger networks and knowledge on industry sectors. Customized solutions for client needs for each industry.

Advisors to our candidates

• Trusted career advisors for professionals
• Deep understanding of multiple functions and industries

Preferred partners of our clients

• Key client relationships built and nurtured over decades
• Focus on sustained client delight through reliable service delivery

Recruitment Services

MCS Consultancy is an Indian recruitment consultancy that maintain high professional standards to cater the recruitment and staffing needs of Indian region. There are immense employment opportunities available in India and with the dedicated team support of Indian recruitment agency , we create business opportunities and utilize advanced technological support to deliver the desired results.

We are fully committed towards sourcing and engaging a batch of highly qualified and skilled personnel.

Our Domestic Recruitment Services comprises:

 Sourcing –With excellent networking and sound data bank of potential candidates from different categories, we have complete access to a large number of job seekers.

Screening, Selecting and Short Listing –We are well versed with business operations and industrial requirements of different sectors that allow us to conduct screening tests of potential candidates in a highly professional manner. With due assistance from industry specialists and HR professionals, we are able to conduct selection rounds, handle choosing of right candidate for vacancy as well as help in saving significant time at your end.

Arranging for Schedule Interviewing –After short listing of candidate at our end, we conduct interview as per the mutual convenience of both the parties. Here, all arrangements relating to ticketing, traveling and accommodation are also taken care of by, thus ensuring candidate reaches the place, anywhere in subcontinent, on time.

Other HR Related Services –The other HR related services provided by us are with proper insight into various angles of organization and employee behavior.

The services are offered with proper time management, and includes:

  • Sales Training
  • Marketing Training
  • Induction Process of the company
  • Product knowledge

Manpower Solution

Companies face various challenges as they seek to manage workforces across the globe. As organizations expand, relocate or seek new efficiencies, many look to Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs to help address their needs within different regions. This can be an effective strategy as the right MSP providers will have extensive market knowledge, an understanding of cultural and regulatory landscape and on-the-ground presence.

Regions are not homogenous, however. Changing demographics, regulatory considerations, and uncertain economic and geopolitical environments impact the ability of MSPs to successfully deploy programs in a market. MSP providers and their customers must understand the unique regional and country dynamics at play and their impact on MSP implementations and expected returns.

It is intended to provide a snapshot of the major dynamics at play in each region and their influence on global contingent workforce management. The factors that are discussed are significant enough to commonly impact companies seeking to expand.